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Mambo Beach BLVD Rules 


  • Entrance to the BLVD, Beach and Parking lot is at own risk.

  • BLVD assumes no liability whatsoever for any physical or material damage sustained during the visit to BLVD, usage of the beach and / or parking facilities.

  • Visitors under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult (18 years and older) or be in the possession of a BLVD visitor’s card (Contact Service Desk for conditions to obtaining a BLVD visitor’s card).

  • Visitors will obey the written rules and signs and follow instructions of the BLVD staff and Security.

  • BLVD and Security have the right - at their sole discretion - to deny access to the BLVD, parking facilities and / or Beach and request already present visitors to immediately leave the premises.

  • Usage of Beach and beach facilities is subject to entrance fee and applicable rules.

  • No lifeguard on duty

  • Pets and bicycles (or other similar) are not permitted on the BLVD and / or Beach.

  • Drugs and weapons are strictly forbidden.

  • It’s not allowed to bring own foods and/or drinks to the BLVD and Beach.

  • Visitors are not allowed in the service areas.

  • Appropriate behavior is required at all times; fighting, shouting, harassment or littering will not be tolerated.


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